SWBF2 Patches Mirrored

We’ve finally caught up with the Star Wars Battlefront II patch mirrors on LucasFiles.com our network files site.

To help clear up any confusion, there are several editions of the 1.1 Update patch for SWBF2:

PC Users in the US should download the domestic version.

PC Users outside the US with the DVD-ROM edition should download the DVD-ROM International version.

PC Users outside the US with the CD-ROM edition should download the CD-ROM International version.

PC users wishing to host a server for other PC users should download the PC 1.1 Dedicated server which is only for windows operating systems.

Update: I see the Mod Tools are also mirrored now finally, and they can be found here. Warning, the file is 538 megs (but worth it since we need new content for this game)! Good luck to all our budding editors out there… ;)