SWBF2 - New Multiplayer Options Discovered

According to forum member SBF_Dann_Boeing it is possible to play single player maps online in Star Wars Battlefront II. While this may not have been an intended and tested gameplay feature, it may provide some more variety for players, even while they wait for new mods to come out to extend the life of the game!

03-02-2006, 06:16 PM

ok ok check this out, i dont know if anyone has figured this out yet, but its possible to play CAMPAIN maps ONLINE, without downloading ANY mods. the way u do this is run a Non-dedicated server and use the usual code for adding maps (/admin /addmap), but instead of putting the ending, _con, _1ctf, or _ass, put _c and you will get the campain mode of the map, ex: in cor1c_c you will be able to play the jedi vs clones on Coruscant as u did campaign but u play it ONLINE and you can play on BOTH sides. You can do this for everymap as long as it existed in campaign mode. Credit for this discovery currently goes to my freind ~GCU~GENRUDEDOG.
the evil side normally will win as they have the advantage, cuz they only have to take out reenforcements while the good side has objectives, but it is still fun, esp. hoth and kashyyyk

Thanks for pointing this out guys! I have yet to test this myself, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this in the future…

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