SWBF1 1.3 Server Mirrored

And now, to complete the 1.3 beta patch for Star Wars Battlefront, we’ve posted the 1.3 server file for all your hosting needs on LucasFiles.com!

Grab it here.

There, now there’s no excuse for people not using the latest version… ;)

SWBF1 1.3 Patch Mirrored

While the Star Wars Battlefront v1.3 (beta) patch is old news, it just hasn’t gotten the exposure needed I think. It was an improvement over 1.2 (though requiring 1.2 to be installed first) and yet fewer people use it.

Major things changed like removing the framerate cap, increased stability and balance issues I think are things people would like in this patch. In any case, it’s now mirrored up on LucasFiles.com. Sorry it took so long!

For PC: 1.3 beta update

Patch Name: Battlefront_Beta1_3.exe

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM NOTE: The patch is a downloadable exe.

Size: 8.95 MB (9,389,691 bytes)

Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 04/21/05

Installation: This is a self extracting exe. Double-clicking on this file installs the patch.

Reminder this is a BETA version for Battlefront and may not work on all systems and is for the U.S. version of the game only. Version 1.2 must be installed first in order for this version to be properly installed

This update addresses the following:
Unlocked frame rate
Better tolerance of latency spikes and frame rate spikes
Fixed an end of game hang
Better smoothing of predicted positions and orientations
Allow more maps specified from dedicated server command line
Better Droideka prediction
Added remote admin support for those hosting dedicated servers
Tighter clock synchronization under normal conditions
Fixed joining servers behind most firewalls
Allow more mod maps (was 50, now 512)
Fixed CIS Pilot shooting backwards
NOTE: Users hosting Star Wars Battlefront PC Dedicated Servers will need to download and install the updated version of the PC Dedicated server software for compatibility with the 1.3 version update.

Download here!

SWBF2 PC Update Mirror(s)

Since the below news item was getting a little long, here’s our first mirror for the PC 1.1 update patch:

Download from LucasArts.com

Mirror at LucasFiles.com (Domestic/US Version).

Mirror at LucasFiles.com (International/World Version).

PC 1.1 Dedicated Server file at LucasFiles.

More may be added later as we get them.

PC Update Released

Finally, at long last, the promised SWBF2 PC update has been released, as announced on the official LucasArts forums!

Here’s a report on what’s new in the 27 mb patch:

Added support in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer for additional maps.

Added support for the LCD screen on the Logitech G15 Gaming keyboard.

Added additional server-client functionality to increase the online experience.

Corrected functionality issues with Droidekas.

Adjusted the weapon animation speed based on how fast the player is moving.

Corrected an issue that caused the remote rockets awarded to heavy weapons class soldiers to become invisible.

Corrected an issue with the sky texture on Geonosis.

Resolved various stability issues associated with multiple hardware configurations.

Improved stability for computers using Dual-Core CPUs with NVIDIA GeForce 6 or GeForce 7 graphics cards. Please check the NVIDIA website for future driver updates which may resolve any existing issues.

Increased stability for both Singleplayer and Multiplayer portions of the game.

Corrected an issue that caused player icons in the mini-map to disappear.

Increased Multiplayer performance for LAN and Internet games.

Increased Multiplayer stability for LAN and Internet games.

Corrected an issue that caused a decrease in network performance when rolling starships in Space maps.

Increased stability between game sessions and map cycling.

Reduced the ability for players to SPAM text messages during online play.

Corrected an issue that caused hero characters to not appear in Multiplayer games.

Corrected an issue in Space maps with starships inside of hangars.

Corrected collision issues with the Ball Mode of Droidekas.

NOTE: Users hosting Star Wars Battlefront PC Dedicated Servers will need to download and install the updated version of the PC Dedicated server software for compatibility with the 1.1 version update.

FILE NOTE: The International update includes support for the United Kingdom, French, German, Spain, and Italian versions of the game.

The patch can be downloaded from the official site here.

This is great news for PC owners and prospective buyers. Mirrors will be posted as we receive them!

Update: In this note on the LucasArts forums

Feb 15, 2006 03:57 PM

Hello everyone,

It took us a few more days then we thought but we are just about ready to release the PC update. As a few have already noticed, we have released the updated Dedicated Server Software that will support version 1.1. This dedicated server also has all of its features working now. You can find the Server Software on fileplanet here. Note that this server can only host games for people with the PC update version 1.1
We are finishing up the testing of the Mod Tools. It will likely be made available within the week. We are working hard to have it ready by this Friday before the long weekend.

Thanks for your continued support.

The Star Wars Battlefront II Team

Posted: Feb 15, 2006 03:56 PM
Please note there are 2 versions to choose from. One for Domestic and one for International. All regions will still be able to play together in the same game.

Thanks to xtmn8r for that news report, and of course to the Pandemic team for their continued support of this game (better late than never!) ;)

PC Update — Waiting Continues

It’s been a few days since the last update on the LucasArts “Star Wars Battlefront II” forums regarding the upcoming PC update/patch. Clearly the patch (and mod tools package) is behind schedule, and let me tell you we feel your pain! The LucasArts forums and our LucasForums fan boards are abuzz with people wondering what’s going on behind the scenes and what we can expect.

Rest assured, as soon as we recieve word that the patch has been released we’ll post about it, and get a mirror of the file up on LucasFiles.com as soon as we can.

Good luck to the Pandemic team with squashing those bugs!

Update: As of Feb. 14, 6:00pm CST, there is still no patch. Keep your eyes peeled!

Xbox SWBF2 Expansion Pack Live

Xbox users now can download an “expansion pack” for their version of Star Wars Battlefront II. Obviously, this requires the user to have “Xbox Live!”

XBOX Expansion Pack is NOW LIVE!


EDITED BY Master Mike…: Feb 02, 2006 08:10 AM

We’ve gotten confirmation from Microsoft that the Expansion Pack is now LIVE.


You can read a full list of additions here. The $5 expansion basically gives you access to a few maps ported from SWBF1, some new heroes and the ability to play a few more maps in “Hero Assault” (Celebrity Deathmatch) mode than before.

This is in addition to the previously released “update” for Xbox users.

Meanwhile PC users continue to wait on their promised patch update (no pc equivalent to the Xbox expansion has been announced) which should be showing itself in about four days (”middle of next week”), according to the last news update.